METER Environment launched
6 November 2016

METER Environment launched

Dear Customer,

For more than 30 years, we have been developing innovative sensor solutions for scientists all around the world. Now, we are taking innovation even further – to the company itself.

To expand our knowledge, improve our skill set and create more powerful synergies, we are merging our company with UMS, a sensor specialist and longtime business partner based in Munich, Germany.  Along with this decision comes a new name for the combined company: “METER”, with respective subdivisions like “METER Environment”.

Even though our name is changing, here are some things that won’t change:

  • We will continue to offer all the sensors and instruments you’ve come to rely on, including our complete line of lab instruments, environmental sensors and data loggers.   
  • Our scientists and customer support personnel will continue to answer questions you have relating to sensor operation, measurement theory and best practices.
  • We remain committed to understanding and applying scientific fundamentals to the products we create.

Some things that will change:

  • We will do even better at inventing systems that make your job easier. Through this effort, we will combine scientific, engineering, and design expertise to turn physical measurements into useful information for you, our customers.
  • To do our jobs better, we need to understand the specific challenges you face.  Expect METER scientists and engineers to be active in soliciting your input on existing products and future development directions.
  • Expect to see an enhanced focus on product design and engineering. For example, you will see serial cables replaced with embedded wireless communication options to make data collection, management, and sharing easier.

We know that changing our name will cause some confusion, but we are committed to working with you to make sure the transition goes smoothly.  

We look forward to proving that METER Environment will meet the future needs of our customers. If you will be attending the ASA-CSA-SSSA or AGU conferences this year, please stop by our booth to see our exciting line-up of new products.

Do not hesitate to let us know what we’re doing well, what could be improved, and what tools you need to conduct research that will make the world a better place. You may reach us at 1-509-332-5600 or support.environment@metergroup.com.


Scott Campbell (CEO)


Doug Cobos, Ph.D. (Director of Environmental Products)

Lysimeter cooperation agreement with the company JR-AquaConSol GmbH

With the new Lysimeter division it is systematically expanding its business field. Univ. lect. Dr. Johann Fank (CEO JR-AquaConSol), has been leading the Lysimeter Research Group for more than 10 years. Through this cooperation, the METER Group transfers its entire technical know-how in the areas of consulting and plant design, installation and training as well as in the areas of services and support to JR-AquaConSol.

METER to grant 2020 fellowships

METER is now accepting applications for the 2020 G.A. Harris Fellowship. The annual program, founded in honor of the late Grant A. Harris, was designed to support studies focused on growing people’s understanding of physical, chemical and biological processes in the environment.