New METER tensiometer adds plug-and-play utility
4 October 2019

New METER tensiometer adds plug-and-play utility

PULLMAN, Wash.—METER Group, Inc. USA (METER) today announced the release of its TEROS 32 tensiometer. The new tensiometer represents a major shift in the sensor’s design. It is the first tensiometer from METER built on a microprocessor base that integrates with the ZENTRA ZL6 and EM60 data loggers.

“We’ve taken the best tensiometer on the market and made it easier to use,” said Leo Rivera, product manager at METER. “If you’re trying to understand water movement in soil or water availability in the wet range, this tensiometer is the only sensor that can give you good data for that.”

Until now, METER tensiometers have relied on third-party loggers to read them. The TEROS 32 launch is so important because it is the first that leverages German precision engineering with the simplicity of the ZENTRA system, according to Rivera.

ZENTRA Cloud, the company’s environmental monitoring software that launched last year, is a key part of the TEROS 32 and ZL6 data logger. One of the biggest challenges with tensiometers is the risk of cavitation. By relying on the ZENTRA system for its backbone, the TEROS 32 can now tell users when it is time to refill. The ZL6 transmits the data to ZENTRA Cloud where users can access them. The addition of an external refilling tube allows users to refill the device without having to remove it from the ground.

“Tensiometers are typically higher maintenance and otherwise impractical for many commercial applications,” commented Thomas Pertassek, director of product management at METER Group AG. “We put our 25 years of tensiometer expertise to work with the TEROS 32 to remove some of these barriers.”

METER Group, Inc. USA collaborated closely with its German office, METER Group AG, on the design. New innovations in the hardware, including a more robust pressure transducer, increase the precision of the TEROS 32, which has an accuracy of ± 0.15 kilopascals and range of – 85 to 50 kilopascals for water potential. An integrated temperature sensor measures soil temperature with a range of –30 to 60 degrees Celsius and an accuracy of ±0.1 degrees between -20 and 40 degrees Celsius (±1 degrees outside this range).

More information about the TEROS 32 at go.meter.group/p46085.

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