New smart data logger brings cloud closer, speeds data to insight
19 November 2018

New smart data logger brings cloud closer, speeds data to insight

PULLMAN, Wash.—Environmental researchers and growers now have full advantage of the cloud. METER Group, Inc. USA (formerly Decagon Devices) today announced the release of its ZL6 advanced cloud data logger. The ZL6 represents a dramatic departure from the company’s EM50/EM60 data loggers.

“We’ve redesigned the logger from the ground up,” stated Dr. Colin Campbell, senior research scientist at METER Group. “The goal was to create the ultimate research assistant.”

The new ZL6 connects up to six METER sensors—more than 20 environmental measurement parameters. Data gathered on the ground is transmitted using the cellular network to the cloud where it is aggregated and analyzed.

The ZL6 works with ZENTRA Cloud to jump-start the analysis process. “We really wanted to get the data to a place where it could be used,” said Dr. Campbell. “There are only so many hours in the day and increasingly more data. [Scientists] don’t have an unlimited number of resources to spend analyzing it.”

With cloud-based data delivery, firmware-over-the-air updates, and integrated metadata, the ZENTRA system does the job of data collection, processing and management. Users can visualize and share environmental measurement data with team members from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection—and inviting users to collaborate on a project is as easy as clicking a button.

“Fear of missing data keeps a lot of scientists up at night,” Dr. Campbell added. “ZENTRA Cloud gives them the peace of mind to know that everything is working and the opportunity to form theories about their research in real time—instead of waiting for the monthly download.”

ZENTRA Cloud displays ground data using the local time based on where the logger is installed. An integrated GPS receiver provides positioning information and accurate time synchronization for the logger. Logger ports can be configured via Bluetooth® in the field, eliminating the need for a laptop, or remotely via ZENTRA Cloud.

The ZL6 comes housed in a weather-, impact- and UV-resistant IP56-rated polymer case. The enclosure is designed to withstand its surroundings and has been independently tested to meet water ingress protection standards. Added cable security keeps sensors locked in place and requires no tools. Built-in solar panels allow for extended deployments.

ZENTRA Cloud“Cloud-based solutions with the advent of the ‘internet of things’ have taken off in recent years but are largely underutilized in the research market,” noted Christian Hertel, VP of sales and marketing at METER. “Data are often collected manually. Using the ZL6 with ZENTRA Cloud will allow users to find patterns in the data sooner to uncover new insights.”

The price of the data logger has been dropped significantly to $650 USD—its predecessor is close to double that amount. Device subscription to ZENTRA Cloud is $180 USD annually and includes a base cellular data plan. The company, which is doing its best to cut costs to growers and scientists, hopes to remove any barriers to adoption.

ZENTRA Utility, a field-service mobile app, provides Bluetooth wireless configuration and testing. The app is available in Android™ and iOS® versions for free download from Google Play™ or the Apple Store®.

For its EM50 and EM60 customers, METER is extending an additional discounted rate of $400 USD on the ZL6 with purchase of a one-year subscription for qualifying trade-ins. The offer is limited.
Learn more about the ZL6 at metergroup.com/p36651.

About METER Group

METER Group, a Decagon and UMS combined company, delivers real-time, high-resolution data that fuels production and processes for the food quality, environmental research, urban and agriculture sectors. Through the power of its employees, METER combines science, engineering and design expertise to turn physical measurements into useful information. Learn more at www.metergroup.com.



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Krista McKibbin

ZENTRA Cloud gives them the peace of mind to know that everything is working and the opportunity to form theories about their research in real time—instead of waiting for the monthly download.

Dr. Colin Campbell
Senior research scientist, METER Group

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