PARIO reduces time spent on particle-size analysis
18 October 2017

PARIO reduces time spent on particle-size analysis

New method and apparatus for particle-size analysis replaces conventional operations, which require manual readings for up to 24 hours

MUNICH—METER Group AG today announced the release of PARIO, a system for automated analysis of soil particle-size distribution (PSD).

Measuring particle-size distribution has conventionally been done by hand. PARIO uses a new method called the integral suspension pressure (ISP) method to ease operation and reduce errors. ISP is a method of measuring the change in pressure of the suspension over time—as well as temperature—for continuous PSD curves.

Existing methods for particle-size analysis, the pipette method and hydrometer method, call for manual readings or samplings of suspension volumes at predefined time intervals for up to 24 hours. The process takes time, skill and is prone to user errors—either from inaccurate readings or imprecise sampling. With each insertion of the hydrometer or the pipette, there is a lift in suspension that may cause disturbances in the settling process.

“PARIO avoids any disturbance to the sedimentation process,” said Thomas Pertassek, product management director at METER Group AG. “Because PARIO carries out the operation unaided, users can focus on other tasks, like research. Users just set up the sample once and come back to a finished measurement six hours later.”

Every 10 seconds, PARIO records and sends the data via USB to a PC where it is stored and evaluated. Continuous PSDs are derived using Stoke’s law, the same physical process as well-established methods, such as the pipette and hydrometer, but without the interference of lab personnel. And unlike other automated measurement methods, such as laser diffraction, image analysis, photon cross-correlation, ultrasonic extinction, or X‐ray granulometry, there is no need for soil-specific corrections.

PARIO comes with an easy-to-use, all-in-one software solution (PARIO Control) for automated data inquiry, visualization, evaluation and export. To learn more, visit meter.ly/p17251.



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