Soil hydrologists seek partners to expand data set
22 August 2017

Soil hydrologists seek partners to expand data set

PULLMAN, Wash. — METER Group AG and METER Group, Inc. USA are asking customers if they’d be willing to share their data to support new research. Drs. Wolfgang Durner and Andre Peters, professors at Technische Universität (TU) Braunschweig, are looking for national and international partners who are willing to cooperate and share soil hydrologic data for an upcoming research project.

Under the project, the two aim to assemble a large database of soil hydraulic characteristics to test the performance of newly developed soil hydraulic models and develop pedotransfer functions (PDFs) for the most suitable of these models.

“We are particularly interested to investigate HYPROP data, ideally with complementary [WP4C] data,” stated Durner in a letter.

Hydraulic data is needed in the wide moisture range that is high-resolution and should include retention and conductivity values. For development of PDFs, Durner and Peters need soil hydraulic measurements that are accompanied with basic soil data, such as texture, bulk density, organic matter content, etc.

Participants would receive co-authorship in at least one publication regarding the new database. To become involved or request more information, email w.durner@tu-bs.de and/or a.peters@tu-bs.de or call +49 (0) 531 391-5605.

→ HYPROP customer request

→ Soillab customer request

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