Two new data loggers add more ways to connect with data
13 July 2020

Two new data loggers add more ways to connect with data

PULLMAN, Wash.—METER Group, Inc. USA (METER) today announced the release of its ZL6 Basic and ZL6 Pro data loggers. The new loggers will complete the ZENTRA ZL6 data logger line and offer more choices in the way customers can connect with their data. Like METER’s standard ZL6, the purpose of the two new offerings is to simplify and speed up the process of data collection, management, analysis, and sharing as part of the full ZENTRA system.

Until now, customers only had access to the standard ZL6 logger which introduced cloud-based data delivery, Bluetooth® configuration, GPS, firmware-over-the-air updates, and integrated metadata. “Now you’ve got choices,” said Dr. Colin Campbell, manager of Environment at METER. “All three ZL6 loggers give you incredibly easy access to your data—in any way that you like it.”

The new ZL6 Basic is different in that it’s a no-frills, entry-level data logger. It enables you to download data via Bluetooth® to an app on your smartphone where it can be uploaded to the cloud. Or you can download data via USB. It works best for researchers who are budget limited and can’t afford more features. Campbell added, “We’ve made it so you don’t have to search for a lower quality option. Even if you feel like you can’t afford all the features on the standard ZL6, you still have access to the best system and sensors on the market.”

The new ZL6 Pro logger is an all-in-one premium package for people who want cloud-based data delivery without spending much time and effort on it. It includes everything the standard ZL6 logger offers, but the ZL6 Pro adds automated 15-minute real-time data uploads, automatic cloud backup, free install kit, 3 years of free yearly tune-ups, a robust 3-year warranty, and free ZENTRA Cloud for 3+ years.

ZL6 loggers are part of a complete system of loggers, sensors, and software designed to simplify workflow and help researchers, irrigators, and engineers understand the big picture with their data.


The new loggers work with ZENTRA Cloud but at different levels of access. According to Dr. Campbell, ZENTRA Cloud, the company’s environmental monitoring software, is a key part of how ZL6 data loggers simplify workflow. ZL6 loggers and ZENTRA Cloud work together to streamline remote visualization of measurements from up to six different types of sensors. With METER’s multi-parameter sensors, it’s possible to visualize dozens of different measurements at once in near-real time.

In addition, ZENTRA Cloud enables remote data management. Campbell said remote access and management changes everything for a researcher because they can spot problems in real time and know when it’s time to go sample in the field. Remote data management also means they can reconfigure sensors while sitting at their desk. The GPS mapping feature enables researchers to show a colleague or a class context behind a data story. And they can visualize and share environmental measurement data with team members from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection—inviting users to collaborate on a project is as easy as clicking a button.

“Fear of missing data keeps a lot of scientists up at night,” Dr. Campbell added. “ZL6 loggers and ZENTRA Cloud give them the peace of mind to know that everything is working and the opportunity to form theories about their research in real time—instead of waiting for the monthly download.”

All three ZL6s come housed in a weather-, impact- and UV-resistant IP56-rated polymer case. The enclosure is designed to withstand its surroundings and has been independently tested to meet water ingress protection standards. With the ZL6 and ZL6 Pro, added cable security keeps sensors locked in place and built-in solar panels allow for extended deployments.

METER is celebrating the release of the new ZL6 data loggers with a giveaway. More information about the ZL6 Basic and ZL6 Pro at metergroup.com/p50732.

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