Pet Food Processing: [Operations] Integrated Intelligence
1 December 2018

Pet Food Processing:
[Operations] Integrated Intelligence

The value of real-time data and the potential ROI it offers is driving automation in pet food processing.

By Jennifer Semple

Data must keep up with the product throughput for operators to make informed, cost-saving decisions. “I see three-ring binders filled with hand-written production and QA data everywhere,” says Susan R. Newman, Ph.D., director of professional services at METER Group Inc. USA, Pullman, Washington.

“Once data goes into those binders, it’s essentially lost. By the time someone has manually entered the values into spreadsheets, that product has already shipped.”
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Lysimeter cooperation agreement with the company JR-AquaConSol GmbH

With the new Lysimeter division it is systematically expanding its business field. Univ. lect. Dr. Johann Fank (CEO JR-AquaConSol), has been leading the Lysimeter Research Group for more than 10 years. Through this cooperation, the METER Group transfers its entire technical know-how in the areas of consulting and plant design, installation and training as well as in the areas of services and support to JR-AquaConSol.

METER to grant 2020 fellowships

METER is now accepting applications for the 2020 G.A. Harris Fellowship. The annual program, founded in honor of the late Grant A. Harris, was designed to support studies focused on growing people’s understanding of physical, chemical and biological processes in the environment.