<em>Pet Food Processing</em>: <br>[Plant Profile] World Record<br>Innovation
1 December 2018

Pet Food Processing:
[Plant Profile] World Record

Hampshire Pet Products may already hold the largest dog biscuit world record, but the company might also deserve one for most new products launched in one year.

By Jennifer Semple

Founded in 2001, Hampshire Pet Products in Joplin, Missouri, is a co-manufacturer of baked and cold-extruded pet treats primarily for dogs. In 2014, the company—in conjunction with its customers—succeeded in placing 101 new products on retail shelves. Today, Hampshire averages between 40 and 60 new products per year.

President Julie Larson says one key to Hampshire’s success has been committing to only those projects that support Hampshire’s growth as well as its customers’ growth.

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METER to grant 2020 fellowships

METER is now accepting applications for the 2020 G.A. Harris Fellowship. The annual program, founded in honor of the late Grant A. Harris, was designed to support studies focused on growing people’s understanding of physical, chemical and biological processes in the environment.

METER joins Tour of Utah

It’s been almost two years since METER Group, Inc. USA first signed on as a sponsor with Neri Sottoli – Selle Italia – KTM. This week, the Italian pro cycling team will join 16 other teams in the 2019 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah.